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“Working as a partner for My Life My Choice has had an amazing impact. Girls have expressed that this program changed their lives for the better and made them feel more self-confident.” 

 – Patty Mojta, Director of Adolescent Programs, Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey


“All children walking through our program doors, are at risk of exploitation, whether they have histories or not. To be a program that provides education, resources, and honesty within the My Life My Choice Prevention model, it creates a safe space for all of our kids to explore their vulnerabilities, but more importantly harness their strengths in inding their voice and choice along the recovery journey.”

 - Kristen Corkum, Assistant Clinical Director, Cohannet Academy

The My Life My Choice Prevention Solution

The My Life My Choice Prevention Solution provides a blueprint for service providers working with vulnerable and exploited youth in an effort to prevent commercial sexual exploitation and re-victimization.

Through more than 15 years of offering commercial sexual exploitation prevention programs and trainings, as well as survivor-led mentoring to exploited youth, My Life My Choice has learned a number of valuable lessons that have emerged as best practice. 

Building awareness is not enough. Effective prevention encompasses changes in attitudes, knowledge, and skills. The Prevention Solution Model works to not only shift behaviors of young people, but shift the way exploited and high risk youth are served.  


Prevention Education

Survivor-led, well researched model for empowering youth to protect themselves from the commercial sex industry and its predators through our nationally renowned, My Life My Choice 10-session Exploitation Prevention Curriculum.

  • Developed in 2002, the My Life My Choice curriculum is survivor-informed and research-based.
  • Designed for secondary and tertiary prevention—aiming to reach the most vulnerable girls, and in particular youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. 
  • Currently being evaluated through a National Institute of Justice three-year grant to move toward evidence-based.


Advanced Trainings and Policy Development

Our survivor-led, expert training team provides the skills, tools, and pathways to shift policies and practice to decrease risk of exploitation and make you most effective in your prevention efforts.

Our Prevention Training Menu includes:

  • The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Adolescent Girls: Understanding and Responding to Victims, the foundational training for all staff.  
  • Becoming a Certified Facilitator of the My Life My Choice Exploitation Prevention Curriculum- The curriculum works to change girls' attitudes and perceptions of the commercial sex industry, as well as build self-esteem and personal empowerment. 
  • Residential Leadership Institute: Advanced Training for Leaders on Creating a Safe, Effective and Supportive Environment for Sexually Exploited Girls- Learn to create policies and procedures that to allow for early interventions and an environment that feels safe and relevant to the highest risk youth.
  • Advanced Clinical Training: Developing Skills and Strategies to Provide Effective Clinical Services to Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth - Designed for services providers looking to enhance their expertise and practice in working with exploited and high risk youth.


Implementation and Best Practices

Becoming a My Life My Choice partner and tapping into the power of the My Life My Choice community.

We offer ongoing consultation around best policies, implementation, and sustainability including:

  • Programmatic policy development and implementation support aimed at decreasing the likelihood of youth being exploited or re-exploited, and decrease recruitment on site.
  • Data collection tools and customized reports aligning programs with the comprehensive evaluation currently being done on the My Life My Choice Curriculum.
  • Membership to the Online Community which provides ongoing support and networking with other prevention programs and group facilitators across the country.